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What kind of brushes do you need to make dots

brushes dot art

To make those round and drip wise dots I make my own brushes. And it is very easy to do so. First you buy some round brushes. Just as set of five different sizes. You dip them in a medium or just in some paint. Whipe them off in paper and while doing that roll them around so the brush stay’s round. Then let it dry and do this 2-3 times just untill the brushes are really hard. Then cut of the tip of the brush. Nou you have the perfect dot art brush in different sizes.

Make sure you don’t clean them with water, because then the brush will get soft again. Just whipe them with some paper towl and you can use it on a different color. To make small or big dots not only the size of the brush is important, also how much paint you use and how much pressure you give dotting. For more information about the paint I use, please check this blog about the perfect paint for dot art >>

Have fun!

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