Three tips for painting outside

artist at work

I love to make my art outside, feel the sun on my skin, hear birds singing. If you also want to enjoy the fun of making art outside I have some tips for you to make sure you don’t ruin you artwork:

  1. Paint dries out: Especially when you work in the summer, the sun will dry out your paint. To avoid this from happening, use more water in your paint and on your pallet. Also cover up the paint you are not using with some silver foil. This way it doesn’t dry out so fast.
  2. Watch out for sand: luckily I use mixes of paint and earth anyway in my paintings. But still, for the finishing touch I always go inside otherwise all my paintings are covered with a very thin layer of sand (especially here in the Southern of Spain where the warm wind from Africa blows in desert sand).
  3. Wind: I live on a mountain, which is amazing for the views but also means that after 13.00 the wind starts to blow very hard. It might just take your painting and blow it away. That is why I usually paint till noon outside and paint inside for the rest of the day. But I’m also looking for a good windscreen ;-).

But most of all have fun creating outside, work with nature, when a leaf falls into your painting just use it. I love those surprises.

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