video: Some dotting on a large Money Flow painting

These are the last dots on a very large Money Flow painting I’m working on. I use a mix of gold colored acrylic paint with a gloss medium and a special prepared brush (hard) to make the dots. I love the gold colores because the metallic give the dots an even more intens look.

Work in progress ….. Money Flow No.10

abstract dot art gold money flow coins Tessa Smits

In this Money Flow I use the “Flower of Life” for the second time. Love the design and energy. This time in combination with turquoise and gold. Of course a lot of coins, since it is a Money Flow painting. Number 10! I cannot believe how fast it is going and the succes of this […]

Painting with real money

This is a detail of a new Money Flow painting I’m working on. Number 8 to be exact. And yes I do use real money in my paintings. Coins of alle sizes and colors to make the Money Flow a painting that is connected with the real money flow in our lives.  

Background & base for Money Flow painting

background Money Flow painting by Tessa Smits

Sometimes the background, the base of a new Money Flow painting almost looks like a painting by itself. Love the energy that is in this one already. It is a bigger canvas this time (60 x 60 cm). I just put my intention on an exhibition in Malaga beginning of 2017 so I started with […]

Work in progress Money Flow No.7

This Money Flow has some Purple details I never used before. I love the combination with gold! This particular piece is about the importance of asking money for your services. That it is love energy flowing to and from you when you spend or receive money and you do not want to stop that flow! […]