She is home !!! Wauwwww Tess, really so incredibly beautiful, I’m quiet for a moment! 💜💓💜 I feel at one with this painting, it feels very powerful, feminine, I feel myself in it, the connection with others, the universe and the earth. I feel that he will do a lot for me. I am very happy with it and grateful that you made this for me this way.

Angelic Brinkhuijsen, Speuld, (Netherlands)

I already have several works by Tessa Smits in the house. Her work is an inspiration for me. I love having that energy in my house. It gives my house a nice atmosphere. Also the last work I bought from her immediately resonated with what I was doing at the time. The geometry that she uses makes me dream away, again and again. The Timelines painting that she made together with Elske Heanen has also touched a lot in me on a deep level. Really happy with Tessa!

S.Pothoven, Monda, Spain

The first time I saw this painting I was immediately sold. I pressed “buy” on the smartphone and soon found out that I had become the owner. I couldn’t think of a better gift for my birthday. I immediately knew where to place this mandala. My young Buddhist nuns from Ladakh fit well. The more I look at it, the more impressive it becomes and I hope to enjoy it for years to come. It surviced the journey from Spain to Fryslân well and was accompanied by a beautiful stone. Tessa, thank you.

Obe Kuipers, Aldeboarn (Netherlands)

I have been following Tessa via Facebook for quite some time. Often when I saw the paintings I already had a big ‘Wow effect’ and thought … someday … one day I also want to have such a cool painting in my living room. These remained thoughts until I saw THE painting in the newsletter. I contacted Tessa by email and luckily the painting was still available and immediately reserved by her, awaiting payment. The communication and handling went very smoothly: within a week after the first contact, the painting was delivered at home and … in real-life much better than on the pictures, a real asset! Tessa, thank you very much, very happy with the ‘Follow-your-Roots’.

J. vd Peppel, Cuijk (Netherlands)

Tessa Smits does what many people only talk about, translating the unseen and unspoken, into a work of art. Once in possession of such a sacred work of art, something clicks in … as it were, a perpetuation of what I recognise so well in my heart, but which is almost impossible to talk about … And then I get quiet!

Michael Moorthaamer, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

I received your painting today. Your artwork is even more beautiful in real life! It is exactly what I wanted and the energy is so good. It will get a special place here at home. Thank you!

Natashja van Ginkel, Schellinkhout (Netherlands)

We are so happy with this painting by Tessa Smits. Finally above the couch. It took a while before we knew what we wanted, but now we have something! Tessa translated our desire to bring light, unity and all-embracing Love into this painting. And even more than that. You just have to look and see what it does to you.

Nathalie Scholtes, ‘s Gravenzande (Netherlands)

I am such a happy person: TessaSmits, you made a beautiful dot art painting. It looks great in my home and I can’t keep my eyes off it, thank you!

Kim van Meel, Bussum (Netherlands)

I have bought a real Tessa Smits painting. I found a special place for this beautiful painting. What an amazing colors! I can’t stop looking at it.

Linda Rood, Groningen (Netherlands)

I love my dot art painting! It radiates a unique combination of strength and softness. A combination I like to see in my personal life as well as in my work as an investor. Thank you Tessa!

Erwin Dut, Heemstede (Netherlands)

During our conversation, Tessa was able to feel and resonate with the intention of the painting. Being able to give money back its magic, something that is so important for its abundance in our lives. She has managed to convert this intention & energy into this dot art painting. His resonance and virbrations indeed reflect to me what she experienced while working on this painting: a combination of male and female energy working together, with the female love that makes money shine again. The attention, love and surrender that Tessa gives while painting is reflected in her work and contact with her surroundings. With this, she not only knows how to fully live out her own passion, but also supports others in following their heart.

Yael van Assendelt, De Steeg (Netherlands)

I am grateful for the beautiful paintings that Tessa has made for me. I now have two artworks in my possession; a Money Flow and a painting she made for my company. For both paintings I asked her to work intuitively. It is incredible how she created something that worked so well! And when I saw them I was speechless and had tears of happiness. They are so beautiful and energetically strong. I have just ordered a third. Thank you Tessa, for your loving and energetic talent.

Sandra Wagemans, Gouda (Netherlands)

Tessa continues to surprise and innovate! I have been following her for more than 10 years now and I have various canvases of her, each have a powerful appearance and convey emotion. The newest addition is my favorite: a creative translation of the sweetest photo with my daughter in pop art with dot style! I’m looking forward to more.

Linda Tops-Miete, Haarlem (Netherlands)

I recently received my dot painting made by Tessa. When I look at it I immediately become happy. The combination between the colors, shapes and (number) symbolism is absolutely right for me. Tessa, you felt that right! For me, the flowers felt like a refinement of the artwork. It is a painting that I enjoy every day!

Sophie Stok, Amersfoort (Netherlands)

I can look at this amazing painting every day now, I’m sooooooo happy!

Caroline Hoek, Middelburg (Netherlands)

I’m more than happy with the Tessa Smits Art on my walls. A while ago I saw an art movement in an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam that integrated passepartoutes on the wall into their art. This created the desire that if I ever went to live somewhere with beautiful large walls, I would like to do that too. My wish was more than rewarded because my brand new apartment has no less than 3.40 m high ceilings. That makes it a palace. In the week that I found my house and sold my other house, Tessa posted a new painting. Something in me immediately shouted: Hey, this is me! Tessa not only makes art, her works are powerful energetic inoculations. Energy comes out. This geometric figure in those colors felt like my “home” to me and when I looked at it I saw that the painting was entitled “Home”. Then I felt that I could welcome myself at home with this. I’m really in awe of how much power this work generates as a whole. For my bedroom I also asked her for a passe partout for “Money Flow”, a painting that I bought last year. Our choice to put gold on high dark brown walls was very adventurous, but what an atmosphere. She did exactly what I had in mind without knowing what I had in mind. Very special. Thank you dear Tessa!

Tuffie Vos, Amsterdam, (Netherlands)

Received my first dot painting from Tessa. In real life it is even more beautiful than I expected. When I look at it I feel the love.

Ageeth Sollie, Kampen (Netherlands)

Tessa, I received the painting “Trust your soul” today. It is even more beautiful than in the photo. Thank you!

Lea van Loveren, Wuustwezel (Belgium)

Sometimes all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. The newsletter from artist Tessa Smits was such a moment yesterday. Her new mandala painting “Lionsgate” immediately caught the attention of this Lion :-). Lionsgate is an astronomical event that took place on August 8 between the sun, the planet Sirius and the earth. And … the 8th of August is my wedding day for 20 years now! This artwork for me stands for finding our truth and empathic talent. To stand for who we really are in all honesty and openness. Dare to live your truth and place it in the world. Let this be precisely what I do with my company! Thank you Tessa for this super beautiful creation, he has arrived and he is already in the living room, I am in love!

Erinn Leeuw, De Goorn (Netherlands)

In my opinion, aboriginal art is about the path we follow. This painting moved me to tears when I saw it the first time; and I purchased it immediately! “I can be there” and the path deep inside is what it symbolizes for me. It shows me daily that with all layers of this life, my core is Sunshine. The second artwork I bought for me is about the many roads that lead to Rome. To become happy the only the way is the heart. “Self love” turned out to be the title of this painting. Is that narcissistic or arrogant? I do not think so. It is about choosing the path of your soul that talks to you through your heart. I see a woman. Is that me? I see a heart. Is that mine? Or is it what connects everyone? Like the rainbow, with rain and sunshine, which make its true colors shine.

Daphne de Windt, Netherlands

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