• acrylic on canvas
  • 30 x 30 cm
  • SOLD

Are you interested in this original painting, please contact me via:

  • 0034 6 34 31 93 53


This is the 5th edition of an Original Money Flow painting. For this particular piece the client wanted a Flower of Life symbol in it. For me this makes so much sense, if you want money to flow in and out, at least you need to be present in this life, really live life and participate. The connection with the earth and choosing to live here is all it takes to let the money flow!

This Money Flow painting collection is all about inviting the money to flow into your life. Everyone has different issues with money, some find it hard to receive while others have a hard time giving, afraid that there is not enough. But Money is just energy, it wants to flow in and out. These paintings remind you of this every day and each painting has a different angle to it.

All paintings are made with real money (coins) and golden colored paint. If you are interested in a personal made Money Flow painting (30 x 30 cm, €150,-, shipping within Europe €25,- ) please contact me via email or app ( – 0031 6 19 18 43 19)


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