• acrylic on canvas
  • 30 x 30 cm
  • SOLD

Are you interested in an original Money Flow painting, please contact me via:

  • 0034 6 34 31 93 53


This is the 7th edition of an Original Money Flow painting. For this particular piece the new collector told me about how sometimes it’s hard to ask money when you do work that involves helping people. Yes, I feel that too sometimes, when you really love what you are doing it doesn’t always feel like work, which for your mind makes it harder to ask money for it. While painting this Money Flow I heard the words: value for time, value for time. The coins are glued differently then normal, they are in the order of a clock almost. It reminded me of how much your time is worth. There is only so much to give. And not only that, it is also blocking your money flow ánd the money flow of the other person when you stop asking for money. They can’t give it to you and you can’t receive it and there the flow gets stuck. Money wants to flow, it is energy, it is love, so encourage the flow to increase by asking money for your work.

This collection of Money Flow paintings is all about inviting the money to flow into your life. Everyone has different issues with money, some find it hard to receive while others have a hard time giving, afraid that there is not enough. But Money is just energy, it wants to flow in and out. These paintings remind you of this every day and each painting has a different angle to it.

All paintings are made with real money (coins) and gold colored paint. If you are interested in a personal made Money Flow painting (30 x 30 cm cost €150 + shipping within Europe €25) please contact me via email or app ( – 0031 6 19 18 43 19)

Waiting list: due to a lot of interest for an Original Money Flow painting there is a waiting list untill the end of 2016. I takes me a week to make one and at least a week to send it in the EU.


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