• acrylic on canvas
  • 30 x 30 cm
  • SOLD

Are you interested in an original painting, please contact me via:

  • 0034 6 34 31 93 53


This collector wanted a personal made Money Flow painting and told me he loved the Flower of Life I did before. I never used as many coins as I did with this painting. Apparently there is a lot of money but I also felt the downside: too much would stop life to flow. The flower of life represents life energy, enjoying life, living! In this painting the balance between a lot of money and really enjoying life was the main subject. Both need equal attention to flow and to be fully enjoyed.

This collection of Money Flow paintings is all about inviting the money to flow into your life. Everyone has different issues with money, some find it hard to receive while others have a hard time giving, afraid that there is not enough. But Money is just energy, it wants to flow in and out. These paintings remind you of this every day and each painting has a different message.

All paintings are made with real money (coins) and a mix of gold colored paint & earth from the olive tree mountain. If you are interested in a personal made Money Flow painting please contact me via email or app: – 0031 6 19 18 43 19.

Waiting list: due to a lot of interest for an Original Money Flow painting there is a waitinglist until februari 2017.


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