abstract dot art painting LOVE ON MY MIND Tessa Smits garden
abstract dot art painting LOVE ON MY MIND Tessa Smits full


  • acrylic on canvas
  • 60 x 80 cm
  • For sale €500,-

Are you interested in an original painting, please contact me via:

  • 0034 6 34 31 93 53


If I had to paint Love, how would it feel? I started with the universal sign voor love, a heart shaped design. At the local flee market I found this mesmerizing circle, an old earring I think. It became the center of the heart. Yes, this felt good, centered, balanced. Dotting al those pink layers made me realize how many different kind of love we experience in life. And how many layers love has, that is gets deeper and deeper every time we let love in, when we experience new love, new people, new times. The layers seem to unveil a golden heart. The purest of all, the sparkles make me feel how much joy there is in love. So much life energy, fun and such a powerful force.


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