• acrylic on canvas
  • 100 x 100 cm
  • for sale €950,-
  • Free shipping within EU

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expanding horizons

This mandala for me is about expansion, to expand your reality, to experience a world of infinite possibilities. It has a powerful and protective energy.

All my mandala paintings are created while painting. I do not make up a design, only the basic shapes and lines are put on canvas. After that I let myself be led by what needs to be created.

For me the Mandala (which literally means ‘circle’) is one of the most beautiful symbols to work with. Originally the mandala comes from India and Tibet where people believe it is the map of the journey of the soul, from the outer circles to the core, het divine.

The circle and concentric build represent the perfect universe around us. The mandala is therefore a very good tool for meditation and yoga; when you focus on the round shape, ultimately you feel that you and the world are one.*


Materials and technique

I painted this mandala with the my so beloved ‘dot’ technique for which I use my own mix of acrylic paint and gloss medium. The background of this painting is made with acrylic paint mixed with some earth from the olive tree mountain. The painting is also created with jewelry and other items I bought at the local Spanish market. I also used a gold pencil to draw symbols and lines.

This painting is 100 x 100 cm. I use high quality acrylic paint and canvas for all my paintings. I also painted the sides of the artwork, so it is ready to hang without framing. The painting is finished with an acrylic varnish.

*source: Spirituele symbolen – Thoth

I send my artworks well protected via Track & Trace straight to your home address.


Today I received your painting. In real life it looks so much more beautiful. It is exactly what I wanted and the energy is very good. It gets a special place here in the house. Thank you!

Natashja van Ginkel (Schellinkhout – Nederland)

Tessa Smits does what a lot of people only talk about. She creates the unseen, the unspoken to an artwork. Once you own a holy painting like that, I have one, something clicks, as if it recognizes what I already know inside, that what I cannot give words to.

Michael Moorthaemer (Amsterdam – Nederland)


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