Set Yourself Free is about giving yourself the freedom to follow your own truth and create a life that suits you. You can throw away all the frameworks and rules and go on an adventure to yourself.

  • Acrylic on Wooden Canvas
  • 125 x 125 cm including the frame
  • Dot Technique (drops of paint)
  • Background paint with earth.
  • Frame: wood and brushed steel
  • price: €2500,-
  • shipping: €150,- within Europe (worldwide on request)

Frame in Co-Creation with Jos van der Burg

Jos is a Dutch craftsman who also lives here in the southern Spanish mountains, he works as a true artist with all kinds of materials. When I asked him if he wanted to make a frame for my painting, he set one condition: freedom. I know better than anyone how important this is, that when you get the space to really tune in to something, that is how the most beautiful creations arise. So yes, he got that freedom. And here is the result! A nice rough frame made of stone bulkhead wood and roughly brushed bare steel. The painting hangs freely in it. Despite the fact that Jos did not know what the theme of this painting was, he gave the canvas exactly what it needed with this design; freedom. It couldn’t have been better together.

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