CO-CREATIE tessa en Elske

A few times a year Dutch artists Tessa Smits and Elske Haenen come together to co-create. A process that asks for courage and surrendering to each others ideas and creativity. Trusting that their different techniques and visions together will result in a unique piece of art. They work with abstract acrylic painting techniques. Their art projects are always on large canvasses.

Our work is always intuitive: we work without predetermined rules, we make no design, no agreements. This is how the most magical paintings arise that each of us, separately from each other, could never make.


For this work of art we have been inspired by the concept of timelessness, there is no time, everything is now, both the present, the past and the future. We have combined antiquity in all forms with the futuristic.


Powerful like a fist making a punch in the earth. Full of life energy, you will be taken to another dimension. Back to yourself, to the source. Allow the fire to ignite again so that you can manifest it here in the world. It is a call to do what is yours to do!


The enormous potential, the extra power that is created if we dare to connect with each other. On a personal level as we did today but also on a global level, the potential of humanity if we work together.

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