A New Adventure: The Pop Up Gallery


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My experiment at the gallery in Benahavis has ended. I thought I was dreaming of a real gallery to show my art, but everything comes with a price 😉

Yes it was a beautiful place, it was so cool that so many people could see and feel my work! And I even made a very nice sale. But collaborating with a gallery in this case also meant that I actually earned almost nothing from my art, the distribution of the proceeds for me were out of balance.
In addition, almost immediately there was pressure on how I worked (‘can’t you work faster?’) And before I knew it I was completely out of connection creating ‘fast commercial’ art (whatever that may be). It didn’t take long before I thought: “Why am I doing this?” I felt sad. Purely for money? Purely for my ego? Or the conviction that I can only be successful in a Gallery? It struck me like lightning when I realized that my motivation was no longer to create something beautiful. No, this is not happening, I don’t want to go that direction. Immediately I stopped painting and the next day I picked up my artwork. I felt a huge relief when they returned home safely.

And then there is room for new ideas…

Of course, at first I was disappointed, frustrated, doubtful whether I should continue to make art. But as always, it didn’t last long. The decision gave room for new possibilities. There has to be a different way! Much lighter, more suitable, with much more fun and in connection with my customers!
In situations like this I have learned to look at what works and to tune into it. Yes, people have to see and feel my art! And yes, it is nice to feel part of society than just to create on a mountain alone. And yes, I also found the contact with my fellow artists very inspiring!

Coincidentally, I was painting with Dutch artist Elske Haenen on an even more remote mountain in El Chorro last weekend when we came up with a brilliant plan: why don’t we build our own pop-up gallery, making it very easy to do without too large investments we can start on the Sunday market in Coín. We are going to make a beautiful market construction ourselves on which our paintings can hang. This way people get the feeling that they are walking into a mini gallery. We were both so excited about it! This felt so much more in connection with our art. The pleasure we were going to have and the potential was immediately clear to us.

So the next experiment is born, we almost certainly have a spot on the market from July and are now working hard on our portable pop up gallery. To be continued …[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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