I translate your feeling, idea or desire into something tangible on canvas. An abstract painting with which you can remind yourself every day of what is important to you.

If someone tells me about his or her desire, feeling or subject that the canvas can cover, the images and colors already fly through my head. As if I can translate the feelings of the other into something tangible. Abstract image / geometry is such a powerful instrument. Not filled in or limited by existing frameworks, but feeling and energy in its purest form. So that you are free to feel what a painting activates for you.


To create a beautiful and unique painting, I need complete freedom of creation. That means that of course you can indicate to me what size, colors and type of painting you like, but after that it is up to me to feel what will be created and let my imagination run free.

No purchase obligation

You are therefore not obliged to buy anything. When the painting is finished you will receive the photos at which point you can decide whether or not you want to buy the painting.


The price mainly depends on the size and your wishes (completely dotted will take more time than partially dotted paintings for example). I make commissioned work on sizes from 80 x 80 cm. Prices start at:
  • 80 x 80 cm €1.000,-
  • 100 x 100 cm €1.500,-
  • 120 x 120 cm €2.000,-

*All prices incl. 21% VAT


I ship the paintings from Spain with TNT or UPS international (with track & trace). I ship it safely in a wooden crate. Shipping within Europe normally takes around 5-7 work day’s. After we have discussed your wishes, size and location, I can give you an indication of the shipping costs (around a €150 for a large painting within Europe).


All my paintings are ready to be hung. They are framed; basic wooden box frame with hanging system. I also work with a designer in Spain for unique and customized framing.

How much time does it take to make a painting?

‘Dotting’ is a slow painting process, it needs to dry in between dotting. It is literally one drop of paint at a time. Of course the time that I need also depends on the size and other wishes. Just for an indication: I can make a small size dot painting within 2-3 weeks and a large size of 100 x 100 cm usually takes me about 6-8 weeks.


With this form you can indicate that you are interested in having a painting made. After I have received your request I will respond as soon as possible.

We then make an appointment for a telephone conversation in which we discuss your wishes and ideas. When we both feel something beautiful can arise, I will get to work.

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