Work in progress intuitive painting

I just love this painting technique. Intuitive painting, for me is starting with a blanco canvas, with absolutely no idea of what to paint. But I do always start with a subject, in this case, the painting is about the pleasure and fun in letting go. To Blossom without any fear or restrictions.

The first dots….

I made a start with the first dots on this painting, these big dots I made with a new mix, very happy with the glossy result. Used Acrylic Gloss Varnish this time to mix with my acrylic paint.

Work in progress Sketching

sketch abstract dot art painting Tessa Smits

All my paintings start with a sketch. This time I visited Malaga and tried to capture the feeling of the ocean, sun and that happy feeling of your feeth in the sand. This week I start with the colorpalet and painting.

Love to work outside again

dot art working outside

Living in Spain for me is all about working and living outside, as close to nature as possible. I’m very happy that the winter is over and the sun is back again, painting outside makes me so happy!

Whale symbolism in new Money Flow painting

work in progress whale mandala

For this new Money Flow I’m asked to use the whale as an important symbol of the painting. In the background of this photo you see its design. Because this is a large canvas I have all the space to draw this beautiful animal. The whale is a symbol associated with solitude, knowledge of life […]

Work in progress …. LOVE

Finally the sun is back and I can start te paint outside again. Love the sun on my hands while dotting this new painting which is all about love 😉 To be continued…

I got love on my mind

work in progress abstract painting red heart

With valentine coming I wanted to make a Dot Art painting about inviting love into your live. No circles or mandala’s this time. I felt the need to start with a dark red and intense background en use a hart shape to make an abstract dot art design in it. Some golden harts are waiting […]

New Dot Art Patterns

dot art pattern work in progress

I just started this new painting. A small canvas because I want to try out new patterns and color combinations. I love this one so much, definetly making a bigger on. The most important thing is, I would like the pattern to ‘move’, so I’m trying out thing with smaller and bigger dots, shades and […]

Work in progress ….. Money Flow No.10

abstract dot art gold money flow coins Tessa Smits

In this Money Flow I use the “Flower of Life” for the second time. Love the design and energy. This time in combination with turquoise and gold. Of course a lot of coins, since it is a Money Flow painting. Number 10! I cannot believe how fast it is going and the succes of this […]

Work in progress Money Flow No.7

This Money Flow has some Purple details I never used before. I love the combination with gold! This particular piece is about the importance of asking money for your services. That it is love energy flowing to and from you when you spend or receive money and you do not want to stop that flow! […]