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About Tessa

I am Tessa Smits born and raised in the Netherlands but now living in southern Spain, Andalusia. The common thread in my life is my passion for creating, building, making something out of nothing. Whether that is a website, new artwork, book or an experiment with a new way of life. Manifesting is in my genes.

That was not immediately clear to me. I once studied business administration at the prestigious university Nyenrode and started working as a marketer in the corporate world. Despite the successful picture, I was deeply unhappy on the inside and I had no idea why. That turmoil led to a lot of job changes and ultimately to the liberating burn out, after which I started looking for my own passion, that which drove me.

This resulted in an own online company, following a training as a life therapist, many spiritual workshops and training courses. My passion for creating also brought me to artistry. The art gave me the space to experiment, to learn how I could create something in complete surrender that I could not have imagined beforehand. In presence and connection with myself and the world around me. I wanted to live the way I painted; in freedom, in connection, in a flow, in surrender.

And so I ended up in Spain, where I literally felt more space to live life the way I felt it was meant for me. Because of the wonderful climate I can work outside a lot and live in the middle of nature.

The paintings that I make are often about pure feelings & desires, that which touches and drives us inside. Abstract Art is a powerful instrument in this, poetry almost. Not filled in or limited by existing frameworks, but emotions and energy in its purest form. So that you are free to feel what a painting activates in you.

The dot technique that I use ensures that the painting is made with a lot of love & attention; I place these drops of paint one by one in a meditative rhythm on the canvas. In addition, I often work with geometric designs, these lines, shapes and movements can also be found everywhere in nature and are stored in our DNA. As a result, looking at these paintings evokes a blissful feeling of coming home, joy and peace in many people.

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