Dot Art - Abstract Intuitive & Sacred Geometry

All my art is created intuitively. I tune in to a theme or person and allow what may be made. The result is works of art with a strong energy, the viewer is taken to new dimensions, back to the source, in contact with himself. And that’s where the magic begins!

Dot Art

Dot Art is an art form in which a painting is created drop by drop. A very slow and meditative process. It gives a 3D effect because the paint is so thick and the viewer often cannot keep his hands off it. No problem, these paintings can be touched.

The hypnotic patterns that are created with these paint drops make you keep looking and discover new things every time. The cloths vibrate a powerful energy.

This is one of my most recent canvases “Take Me Home” and measures 100 x 80 cm.


Sacred Geometry

These Mandala designs contain sacred geometry and special symbols. They are drawings with a message, are made according to a theme. Like this drawing “Coming to Age” a drawing in which the koi carp transforms into a dragon. That symbol represents the development from young to man, from child to adulthood. With the earth in the background that for me represents the transformation of all humanity.

I made these designs for printing on a clothing line, among other things. You can order it here>

Intuitive Abstract Art

These abstract paintings arise in the moment. Pure surrender between artist and canvas. Usually even without a theme. Purely by feeling.

Paintings that are characterized by the smooth lines, energy in color and movement.

This painting was made in co-creation with Artist Elske Haenen.



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Special projects

If you create tuned you sometimes get the most special requests. For example, I was allowed to design a dot art series for a coin collection and you can now pay with a dot art coin in Palau. I was allowed to paint the Yoga floor for a yoga retreat in Spain. A project that I eventually worked on for weeks and had a really cool time. And the magazine PureChild asked me to make a drawing on the theme of autism that was published in the fall of 2020.