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60 x 60 cm

An open heart in pure form
Born fully trusting, in openness and love.
Unconditionally, it flows, in balance, strong and powerful.

This Mandala painting is Inspired by the pure level of Love, where we feel connected and in peace, one with the world and in tune with ourselves.

Made with silver & golden paint.

All my paintings are signed on the back of the painting!


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Mural & Painting

The collector who bought this painting called “HOME” asked me to paint a frame around the work of art. Very special project, a way of really intensify the energie of the painting and geometric design.

Yoga Floor Painting

In the beautiful Retreat centre ‘Riverheart’ I painted this mandala on the yoga floor.


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UPDATE 02-04-2019

“No Touching Zones in the House…”

It looks like a painting in a painting. I’m immensely intrigued by this combination of Pouring & Dots. A meeting between heaven and earth…. it makes you keep looking at it. Oh yes, and that no one can keep his hands off it! I even have a ‘no touching’ zone here in the house. Because it takes a while before it’s dry, so if someone can’t hold up in the meantime and want to touch it anyway…… hell on earth instead of heaven

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A few times a year Dutch artists Tessa Smits and Elske Haenen come together to co-create. A process that asks for courage and surrendering to each others ideas and creativity. Trusting that their different techniques and visions together will result in a unique piece of art. They work with abstract acrylic painting techniques. Their art projects are always on large canvasses.



For this work of art we have been inspired by the concept of timelessness, there is no time, everything is now, both the present, the past and the future. We have combined antiquity in all forms with the futuristic.

This painting was created in co-creation with Dutch artist Elske Haenen. We start without rules, without design, purely intuitively we create a new painting. In this process of creation we continue to rotate around the canvas until the painting is finished for both of us.

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