Mandala t-shirt design Nature's Code

For one design I’m sketching for weeks, while the next one seems to appear on paper ‘without any effort’, as if it comes from a different dimension. And so it was with this new design ‘Nature’s Code’. A design that is inspired by the Fibonacci series, a natural pattern that can be found everywhere in nature that is also known to be the source of everything. This resulted in this special t-shirt design, which for me is about living / being more connected.


I am Tessa Smits, a Dutch artist & writer. I feel deeply connected with the sacred geometry, mandalas and ancient shapes & symbols. In addition to the paintings, I also create unique hand-drawn tattoo designs for my own clothing line. I work together with Spreadshirt, a company that I have chosen because of their good quality, 30-day return guarantee and secure payment with Paypall or CreditCard. If you have any questions please mail me at

Bestsellers NATURE'S CODE design

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Let the summer- and festival season begin!

“Very happy with the Mandala t-shirts of Tessa Smits. They wear very comfortable, have a nice fit and good quality. But above all really nice handdrawn design. Let the summer and festival season begin!” (Tom & Mirjam, The Hague (Netherlands))

Geweldige kwaliteit & prachtig design!

“Just received the T-shirts I ordered at Tessa’s webshop. Great quality and of course, a beautiful design!” (Ronald van den Hoff, Utrecht (Netherlands))


There are so many more colors & styles

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New! Also available on aluminum water bottles

Recently my mandala-tattoo designs are also available on aluminum water bottles. You will definitly steal the show with this on the beach, during your yoga class or at that upcoming festival!