The “Flower of Life” is one of my favorite sacred geometrical symbols built from multiple overlapping circles. A symbol that is found all over the world in buildings, artworks and religion. Even Leonardo da Vinci was interested in this special form, which also contains the mathematical comparison of the Fibonacci spiral. The equation that you find in all living beings and plants such as the well-known sunflower. One speaks of the ‘code’ from which the Flower of Life is built and in which the wisdom of our universe is contained. The blueprint of our creation.

Material & Technique

I painted this artwork with the my so beloved ‘dot’ technique for which I use my own mix of acrylic paint and gloss medium. In this painting I worked with silver, brown, dark green and gold. The background of the canvas is made with a dark brown / green acrylic paint. The metallic colors give the canvas an ancient look, it would look good in an episode of The Game of Thrones ;-).

I sign all my canvases on the back so you can hang the canvas as it feels good for you (the name you see on the photos is photoshopped and is not there in reality). This painting is 100 x 100 cm and 4 cm thick (3D canvas). For my artworks I always use a high quality acrylic paint and canvas. I also painted the sides so you can hang this painting without a frame.

Price & Shipping

SOLD Are you interested in a personal made artwork please contact me via: info@tessasmits.com – 0031 6 14 11 39 15.


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