When paradise is just around the corner..


For years I have dreamed about living together on a piece of land, living outside with like-minded people, full of fun and creativity and building beautiful things. I have no idea how that is going to evolve so I use this dream to get into the feeling of such a life. Just feel how that feels, how the pleasure in my body bubbles up and life is fully lived out. I have rediscovered the power of meditation in recent months, by meditating on this feeling every day, I set the intention for myself for and this life. It is exciting to step into this feeling withou knowing where it will take me… but I did. After a while I felt that it was time to go to Spain again, without a plan or idea, I know from experience that I can trust that feeling so it is becoming less and less exciting to just follow it.

When I arrived here I felt a lot of peace and quiet in addition to a ‘coming home’ feeling. For the first time in 4 years, the inspiration for painting stopped, I really liked that. Feeling nothing, without panic or fear. I felt that just this silence would bring me a new movement.

And indeed, after two weeks, a good friend of mine who was working in the neighborhood asked me if I wanted to stop by … he was staying, lets say a mountain or two-three away, to help build a beautiful place. So there I drove through the gate yesterday afternoon, a narrow mountain road that opened up in a place that I could not have imagned myself, an oasis on a mountain that looks out on a calm flowing river with an immense high altitude, a mountain wall with hanging greenery, a feeling of ‘ancient times’, as if I had driven into a scene of ‘Indiana Jones’. A warm welcome by the two owners of this beautiful place and a guided tour along the ‘building projects’ or actually they are works of art, where they use natural materials as much as possible. They work with river bamboo, clay from the ground, stones from the mountain and wood from fallen trees. For example, they now make a huge roof in the shape of a flower under which yoga classes will be given later. A ‘dome’ construction in the geometric shapes that are so popular to me will soon be covered with wood and covered on the inside with cloths and used as a ‘house’. I really walked around with my mouth open, what an incredibly beautiful place, the energy is great, the possibilities endless. At the end of the day I was also treated to a delicious vegetarian dinner. So when she told them that they were still looking for people who wanted to help with the building of this beautiful place, you can probably guess what my answer was ……. a new adventure has presented itself.

Curious about this magical place: https://www.facebook.com/RiverheartRetreats/

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