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I am Tessa Smits, a Dutch artist & writer. I feel deeply connected with the sacred geometry, mandalas and ancient shapes & symbols. On one hand, I work on paintings with the Dot technique in an almost meditative state. With ‘paint drops’ I put the most intense and infinite patterns on canvas. On the other hand, I make mandala-like drawings & paintings. My artwork is always characterized by a strong energy, natural movement and love for details. If you have questions about a work of art or want to have something commissioned, please contact me via or call / app 0031 6 14 11 39 15.


June is my experiment month, I have the feelling something wants to move. Sometimes it feels to me like the “brake is still on”. For me, painting is the way to find out that what I can’t think of yet. So I paint purely intuitive. And that’s how this first canvas came to life: “No More Holding Back”. All the artwork I make this month are not directly for sale. If you’re interested, please sign up for the newsletter then I’ll send an mail when they are for sale:



The past two weeks I have been working with great pleasure on a new design. A design inspired by the Chinese legend in which the Koi Fish transforms into a Dragon.

A design about strength, perseverance and a new beginning. About adulthood and the transformation to Man or Woman. About claiming your inner strength in connection with the world.

This design is now available in different types of tops and a range of colours, visit the webshop and get yours today >>

Let the summer and festival season begin!

“Very happy with the Mandala t-shirts of Tessa Smits. They wear very comfortable, have a nice fit and good quality. But above all really nice handdrawn design. Let the summer and festival season begin!” (Tom & Mirjam, The Hague (Netherlands))

“The quality is beautiful and the color is even more beautiful than in the picture! I’m happy Tessa!” (Natashja – Schellinkhout (Netherlands))

“Just received the T-shirts I ordered at Tessa’s webshop. Great quality and of course, a beautiful design!” (Ronald van den Hoff, Utrecht (Netherlands))

new painting

mixed media on canvas
100cm x 100cm
For Sale: €750,-
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Review Mural

“I am more than happy with the Tessa Smits Art on my walls A while ago, in an exhibition at the Stedelijk, I saw an art movement integrating passe partoutes on the wall in their art, creating the desire that if I ever would live in a house with beautiful large walls, I would also like to have that. My wish was more than rewarded because my brand new apartment has no less than 3.40 m high ceilings, which makes it a palace, great that architects dare to do something like that. What a luxury and what an opportunity! In the same week that I found my house and sold my other house, Tessa posted this painting. Something in me immediately shouted: Hey, this is me! Tessa not only makes art, her works are powerful energetic inoculations. An acupuncture shot, like crop circles are for the earth as well, for example. Energy comes out. This geometric figure in those colors felt like my ‘home’ for me and then I saw that the painting had the title ‘Home’. I am really in awe at how much power this work generates in its entirety. For my bedroom I asked her for a passe partout for ‘Money Flow’, a painting that I had bought last year. Our choice to put gold on dark brown walls was very adventurous, but what an atmosphere. She did exactly what I had in my head without knowing what I had in my head. Very special. Thank you dear Tessa! ❤🙏 “- Tuffie Vos (Amsterdam)

Artist at Work: Mandala Mural Gold

A year ago I got the assignment to make a MoneyFlow painting and now a year later the same client asked if I could make a large version of it on the wall while the small version was going to be a part of it. I immediately felt a huge Yes ✨ resulting in this powerful combination!

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More then 20.000 people took a look at this painting. It is now a part of the exhibtion in the Netherlands (Utrecht, Seats2Meet). More information about this painting >>

Abstract dot art painting Touch by Dutch artist Tessa Smits