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Did you miss out on your own personal Money Flow painting last year? Looking for a unique Christmas present? I selected all the Money Flow paintings of 2016 for this exclusive calendar. Apart from the Money Flow calendar I made a abstract dot art calendar with the most colorful abstract paintings I made. I sell them via Redbubble, safe to pay and good return policy, click on the image or visit:

Schermafbeelding 2016-12-04 om 10.58.21
abstract dot art painting MONEY FLOW NO12 Tessa Smits full


This Money Flow painting is about creating safety for money to flow out. For some people spending money is fearful. In this money flow I felt the impact of that on the flow itself. The flow starts in the middle, generating money from within from where the money gets gently pushed out. Imagine what would happen if the money flow where to stop here. It would also block the energy for generating it in the middle. This painting shows how a safe spending flow feels like, with protective leafs at the end that also leave room for the money to go out. The leafs for me feel like embracing the flow, with love, gentleness and warmth.

This collection of Money Flow paintings is all about inviting the money to flow into your life. Everyone has different issues with money, some find it hard to receive while others have a hard time giving, afraid that there is not enough. But Money is just energy, it wants to flow in and out. These paintings remind you of this every day and each painting has a different message.

All paintings are made with real money (coins) and a mix of gold colored paint & earth from the olive tree mountain. If you are interested in a personal made Money Flow painting please contact me via email or app: – 0031 6 19 18 43 19

Waiting list: due to a lot of interest for an Original Money Flow painting there is a waitinglist until March 2017.

More information or ordering a personal made Money Flow painting please click here >>


I’m Tessa Smits a Dutch Dot-Art artist. I just love to paint using dot-art technique (pointillism). I work purely intuitively, tuning in on a subject or a person. I combine abstract art with geometric designs like mandala’s or tribal symbols. I’m also the creator of the Money Flow collection these paintings are all about inviting the money to flow into your life. In these paintings I work with real money (coins), earth, mandala designs and dot art with gold colored paint. I love how this all combined give a painting such a powerful energy.

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